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  • Mandolin Mondays #102 w/ Special Guest Isaac Eicher /// “Blue Choro”

    December 11, 2017: Isaac Eicher is with us this week on Mandolin Mondays to play an original tune on his lovely Engelmann Spruce top 2015 Heiden Mandolin.

    Originally from Tulsa, OK, Isaac is now based in Music City–Nashville, TN. He started out cutting his teeth in the jazz/swing scene with local Tulsa bands like Mischievous Swing, and eventually found his way to other genres such as bluegrass and choro. In 2006, he won the National Mandolin Championship in Winfield, KS, and he returned in 2017 to take the prize again (the tune in this video was one of the pieces Isaac played in the competition). These days you can hear him on the road with Rebecca Frazier Hit & Run in addition to many other artists.

    Most recently, Isaac has been working on a full-length album of original jazz-inspired tunes. Stay tuned for more news about the record in the New Year.

    Connect with Isaac at the links below for more info about his music:


    And as always, tune in next week for more Mandolin Mondays! Until then…

    Happy Picking!

  • Mandolin Mondays #101 w/ Special Guest Thomas Cassell /// “Sapporo”

    December 4, 2017: From Circus No. 9, Thomas Cassell brings us the good notes with his solo take on this old Sam Bush tune “Sapporo”–played fittingly on a Gibson Sam Bush Model mando.

    Thomas is one of the hardest working mandolin players on the scene today! In 2016 and 2017 he was selected to participate in Mike Marshall’s prestigious Acoustic Music Seminar. Around this time, Thomas hit the studio to record his first EP entitled Mellifluous. Check it out here: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/thomascassell Also in 2016, Thomas won the Rockygrass Mandolin Contest where he was awarded the Sam Bush Model that he currently plays.

    Soon after, he helped found the new progressive acoustic group Circus No. 9–an exciting band with extensive chops and creativity. Though the group has only been around for a year, they’ve played over 100 shows and show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Check out their live shows coming up net year!

    Connect with Thomas at the links below for more information about his music:


    And as always, tune in next week for more Mandolin Mondays! Until then…

    Happy Picking!

  • Mandolin Mondays #100 /// “My Own Kind of Hat”

    November 27, 2017: Today marks 100 consecutive Mandolin Monday videos!!! Thanks for coming on this journey with me, and a huge thanks to all the pickers who have contributed to the series this year.

    In celebration, I made these special foam front, snap-back, navy blue trucker hats with the Mandolin Mondays logo! Was so excited about these hats that I decided to take a stab at singing this old Merle Haggard tune–it fits the occasion quite well, I thought. If you’d like to get your own MM hat, you can order one at my bandcamp page HERE

    As always, feel free to contact me through my personal website HERE for a free copy of the tab/notation transcription for this video.

    Happy Picking!

  • Mandolin Mondays #99 w/ Special Guest Evan Marshall /// “Blackberry & Turkey”

    November 20, 2017: Hear the one-and-only Evan Marshall play through these Thanksgiving appropriate fiddle tunes like you’ve never heard before! Evan and his Gilchrist F5C are unstoppable!

    Evan is the unparalleled master of the solo mandolin. His 1995 Rounder Records release The Lone Arranger remains one of the premier recordings for this medium–displaying an overwhelming array of beautifully full textures, virtuosic acrobatics, and brilliant arrangements across a plethora of different genres. Country guitar legend Chet Atkins called Evan “A true virtuoso, one of the few great musicians of our time.” And who can argue with that!

    Connect with Evan at the links below for more info about his music and to inquire about private online lessons:


    Happy Thanksgiving from Mandolin Mondays!


  • Mandolin Mondays #98 w/ Special Guest Jake Workman /// “Bill Cheatham”

    November 13, 2017: This week on Mandolin Mondays, Jake Workman joins us for a test run of his brand new Tom Stadler mandolin. “Bill Cheatham” at its finest!

    You may know Jake from his super-human guitar playing with Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder, but, as you can see from this video, he’s also a closet mandolin master. No matter the instrument, Jake always makes it look effortless. In 2015 Jake was featured on the cover of the Flatpicking Guitar Magazine, and the following year he was awarded the IBMA Instrumentalist Momentum Award. Check out his 2015 release with his wife Rebekah titled “Deep Into the Heart” https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/jakeandrebekahworkman

    Connect with Jake at the links below to check out more of his work and to inquire about private lessons:


    And as always, tune in next week for more Mandolin Mondays! Until then…

    Happy Picking!