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  • Mandolin Mondays #85 w/ Special Guest Don Stiernberg /// “Almost Like Being in Love”

    August 14, 2017: This week, the man, the myth, the legend, Don Stiernberg proffers a delightful chord melody on this old jazz standard with his incomparable 2-point Nugget mandolin.

    We all know and love Don–protege of the tremendous Jethro Burns, leader of the new generation of jazz mandolinists, Chicago Cubs fan, and an all around wonderful person. The wealth and depth of his recorded jazz mandolin work is bar none. His most recent album, Good Numbers, is one of my personal favorites:

    Additionally, Don hits it out of the park with his perceptive and helpful teaching style. I’ve learned so much from him over the years. He’s taught at all of the premier mandolin workshops around the world, including: The Mandolin Symposium, The Swanannoa Gathering, The European Mandoline Akademy, and many others. Don also has a number of insightful and intuitive online courses available through Sound Slice.

    Here’s Don with a word about this video: “I’ve been intrigued lately by this great old show tune/standard, ‘Almost Like Being In Love.’ All the big singers did it: Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Ella, et al. And the jazz guys loved playing it too. The version that got my attention was by Charlie Parker with a big band. Joe Venuti with George Barnes is hot too. I think it’s fun to try chord melody (Jethro) style on it because you don’t have to add much to it–it already has every type of chord…major, minor, augmented, and diminished.”

    Connect with Don at the links below for more info about his recorded music, instructional materials, and performance schedule:


  • Mandolin Mondays #84 w/ Special Guest Adam Roszkiewicz /// “Cimarron”

    August 7, 2017: Front Country mandolinist Adam Roszkiewicz (“Roscoe”) joins us this week on Mandolin Mondays for a solo rendition of an original tune.

    In addition to his work with Front Country, Roscoe’s music runs deep in the classical mandolin world. You may know him as the most recent mandocello player in the Grammy-nominated ensemble the Modern Mandolin Quartet–or from his work in Mike Marshall’s classical mandolin supergroup the Ger Mandolin Orchestra. But Roscoe’s musical interests and expertise are even broader still. His most recent project is a progressive, new acoustic music duo called Small Town Therapy. Their self-titled record produced by Matt Flinner features a collection of creative original tunes and compelling playing by both members. You can check it our HERE

    Here’s Roscoe with a word about this video: “The tune is one I wrote called “Cimarron,” and is the first part of a group of 3 tunes which are being recorded by my duo Small Town Therapy. Folks can find the third part, a tune called “You Can’t Blame the 80’s”, on the duo’s first album at the bandcamp link below. The word Cimarron has several uses in Native American, South American, and Spanish cultures but from what I gather, they all refer to something or someone who is wild, untamed, or iconoclastic. I think it makes sense in the context of this weird disco-grass tune I came up with.”

    Connect with Roscoe at the links below for more information about his tour schedule, recorded work, and mandolin instruction:


  • Mandolin Mondays #83 /// “Tennessee Waltz”

    July 31, 2017: What key do you play the “TN Waltz” in? How about all of them!
    Worked up this crazy arrangement in anticipation of my upcoming lesson series on Mandolins Heal the World called Waltz Warehouse. In the series, I’ll walk you through 7 different bluegrass waltzes, along with a host of waltz specific mandolin techniques. Subscribe here to get full access: https://mandolinshealtheworld.com/ You can contact me through HERE for a free copy of the tab/notation transcription for this video:

  • Mandolin Mondays #82 w/ Special Guest Brian Oberlin /// “Landslide”

    July 24, 2017: The remarkable Brian Oberlin is with us this week on Mandolin Mondays to play a solo rendition of his original song “Landslide” performed on his powerful Collings MF5 mandolin.

    Brian is as diverse and prolific as mandolin players come. Over his 16-year professional career, he has recorded 20 records and has published numerous accompanying mandolin instructional books. His most recent album, Troubadour, displays the wide-breadth of his abilities–featuring styles such as country, jazz, blues, newgrass, and bluegrass.

    In addition to his impressive discography, Brian is also a talented instructor. For nine consecutive years, he’s organized, directed, and taught at the River of the West Mandolin Camp in Corbett, Oregon, featuring instruction from other great mandolinists like Carlo Aonzo, Don Stiernberg, and Jordan Ramsey. Additionally, this year Brian is also starting a new weekend workshop in Grand Rapids, Michigan, called the Great Lakes Mandolin Camp. The camp takes place on October 5-7, and you can register HERE

    Connect with Brian at the links below for more info about his workshops, performances, and recorded work:



  • Mandolin Mondays #81 w/ Special Guest Aaron Weinstein /// “A Beautiful Friendship”

    July 17, 2017: When mandolin youtube channels collide! Honored to have a Mandolin Monday video from the amazingly talented jazz musician and mando youtube personality, Aaron Weinstein! Check out Aaron’s swinging chord melody version of this old jazz standard “A Beautiful Friendship” played on his trusty Red Diamond F5 mandolin.

    You probably know Aaron from his many other jaw-dropping jazz mandolin videos, but you may not know the full extent of his musical clout and prowess. For instance, did you know that he was awarded a full four-year talent-based scholarship at the prestigious Berklee School of Music? Or have you heard that Aaron has performed as a featured soloist at many of the most premier jazz music venues in the country, including: Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center, Jazz at Lincoln Center, Birdland, and Blue Note? It’s all true!

    If that weren’t enough, he’s also a talented author. Back in 2015, Aaron published an acclaimed mandolin instructional book called Mandolin Chord Melody System–a book that masterfully breaks down the complex jazz chord melody idiom in a user friendly way. You can get yourself a copy HERE

    Connect with Aaron at the sites below for more information about his tour schedule, recorded music, and more: