July 24, 2017: The remarkable Brian Oberlin is with us this week on Mandolin Mondays to play a solo rendition of his original song “Landslide” performed on his powerful Collings MF5 mandolin.

Brian is as diverse and prolific as mandolin players come. Over his 16-year professional career, he has recorded 20 records and has published numerous accompanying mandolin instructional books. His most recent album, Troubadour, displays the wide-breadth of his abilities–featuring styles such as country, jazz, blues, newgrass, and bluegrass.

In addition to his impressive discography, Brian is also a talented instructor. For nine consecutive years, he’s organized, directed, and taught at the River of the West Mandolin Camp in Corbett, Oregon, featuring instruction from other great mandolinists like Carlo Aonzo, Don Stiernberg, and Jordan Ramsey. Additionally, this year Brian is also starting a new weekend workshop in Grand Rapids, Michigan, called the Great Lakes Mandolin Camp. The camp takes place on October 5-7, and you can register HERE

Connect with Brian at the links below for more info about his workshops, performances, and recorded work: