January 8, 2018: Special Consensus mandolinist Nick Dumas plays us an original tune on his lovely Hinde mandolin for this week’s Mandolin Mondays video.

Originally from Brier, Washington, Nick has become well known in the bluegrass world for his killer mandolin chops and strong vocals. Starting out Nick was a co-founder of the popular Northwest-based bluegrass bands Northern Departure and North Country Bluegrass. In 2015, Nick moved to Tennessee to become the new Special Consensus mandolin player. He made his Special C recording debut on the 2016 Compass Records band release “Long I Ride,” which received the 2016 IBMA Instrumental Recorded Performance of the Year

Nick gives us the story behind the name of the tune, “Kind of funny how the name came about. I had the song written out and needed a name while I was on vacation at a friend’s river house. I saw a bird catch a fish out of the river and apparently I was dyslexic that day. I went in the house shouting “the fish caught a bird, the fish caught a bird”, running to grab my camera. Everybody looked at me like I was crazy. Haha! Then I thought that would be the perfect name for the song! And here it is!”

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And as always, tune in next week for more Mandolin Mondays! Until then…

Happy Picking!